Latina Wedding Ceremony Traditions

When planning a wedding, it may be important to consider how you might integrate traditions that honor the heritage and culture. Honestly, that is especially true the moment considering incorporating Latin wedding party rituals.

From the marriage ceremony lasso traditions to padrinos and a rosary prayer, the ceremonies vary by country. But they are all of the beautiful, using a deep meaning behind each component.

For instance , in a Cuban wedding ceremony, the bride and soon-to-be husband don’t have bridesmaid or groomsmen—but they greatly have “padrinos. ” These are the god parents of the couple, who happen to be honored by giving products such as gold coins (known seeing that an arras) and a rosary. The arras symbolizes Christ’s 12 apostles, and the gift is said to bless the newlyweds as they enter into matrimony.

Other Latinx wedding party traditions include a etiqueta handfasting and a unity routine called la hora loca, which is performed following your couple exchanges vows. The couple deals with each other using a long string, which is either crossed or tied in the central to form an infinity sign, connecting them as one.

Other commemoration rituals can include a bride using her mums or perhaps grandmother’s outfit, as well as the classic tossing of rice or bird seed during the couple’s quit. For a modern-day touch, several couples will be substituting the rice or bird seed products with increased petals or confetti. Last but not least, many Latin weddings feature mariachi or goniava music and dances such as the merengue. By wedding receptions, it’s also common for guests for being given capias, or small charms made from feathers or shells, by groom and bride during a getting line.


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